For those with existing 3D models, AGi32 can import 3D geometry via DWG, .. content and by walking through the step-by-step Tutorials found in the program’s . Files referenced: Time Estimate: 1 hour This tutorial assumes that the user is familiar with AGi32’s Roadway Optimizer. This tutorial assumes that the user is familiar with AGi32’s Roadway Optimizer tool. The pole spacings used in this tutorial are assumed to have been generated .

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After agii32 click on the Downloads button, select Save rather than Run. Finally, imagine how the interactive rendering capability of the program will make it easy for you to see your designs as they progress, and empower your presentations to sell your ideas!

Anyone that wants to know more about AGI32 and the practical application of automated solutions to lighting design in general.

Speak to one of our friendly experts now. Roadway Calculations – Introduction. The advanced course is ideal for those designers who have extensive experience in AGi32 and would like to get the ati32 out of the advanced features offered by AGi Contact Contact sales for details.

The pole spacings used in this tutorial are assumed to have been generated by Roadway Optimizer. My Rendering Went Dark! Display results in a Summary.

LightLab International – AGI32 training

If you have not already done so, you will need to download the Sample Files from the AGi32 website. Basic concepts are covered in a more accelerated manner with primary focus on design applications. It should say or something very close to that.


However, there is so much more that can be done to enhance the understanding of photometric results.

Participants are afforded their own computers to maximize the benefit of practice-based learning. Zoom in with your mouse wheel roll it away from you or with the Zoom — Window command so that you are close enough to measure between the station markers.

AGI32 Training

For this project, you will need to download the AGi32 Samples files. The standards define the calculation metrics and design criteria, as well as calculation point spacing, observer distance, etc. Content Tutprial courses are geared towards users of AGI32 program. Use Project Manager and View Manager to show the various calculation grids in separate windows on the screen. See the sidebar for a trial download and experiment on your own!

Type these values in the field in the lower-right corner: Next, locate the saved file and right click on it. Lunch and coffee will be provided. For more details on these standards and their metrics, open the Help topic called Roadway Standard – Calculation Metrics. Numbers are strictly limited.

Remember, we want you to work smarter, not harder. We will accept the layers selected by Smart Select. We will translate the Origin to a more convenient location, closer to the drawing. This tutorial assumes that the user is familiar with AGi32’s Roadway Optimizer tool.

The dual based learning approach agii32 with the instructor introducing each topic, presenting the background rationale and solutions that are possible. Otherwise, they will not contribute to the calculation results. Open topic with navigation. Place s may only be reserved by pre-payment Credit Card etc. A 5-degree curve increment will give a better appearance to curved lines in outdoor projects than the default degree setting.


Training courses are geared towards users of AGI32 program. Size A maximum of 20 trainees may attend one training session. There is a separate tutorial for Roadway Optimizer.

Registration Form Introductory course registration. Participants are then guided through hands-on exercises designed to reinforce learning. Select Run As Administrator. Learn about the calculational capability of AGi32 which along with its predecessors has been an industry standard for decades. AGi32 Blog — Latest Posts.

Information and instructions regarding the Sample Files: In the practice of professional lighting design and analysis, AGi32 can be indispensable in your arsenal of design tools. I had an opportunity to assist our tech-support team recently… Read More. The image that opens shows the layers that have been selected by the Smart Select process, which selects all layers that are On and not frozen.

The two-day instructor-led presentation is designed for anyone who wishes to get more out of their AGI32 lighting design package. Our first step is to import a CAD drawing that will serve as the background for our model. There will be two folders of sample files: See the Introduction page of this tutorial for download and installation instructions.

AGi32 converts curves to segmented straight lines.